Sir Reginald Archibald Bartholemew Rasputin.... (digitaldevil) wrote in valis_is_gay,
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Further Proof He's Geigher Than Me

valiskeogh1 (4:00:21 PM): THE PURPLE SUIT IS STRAIGHT PIMPIN!!!
digitaldevil23 (4:00:34 PM): straight pimpin if you have male prostitutes
valiskeogh1 (4:00:43 PM): IT WORKS EQUALLY GOOD FOR BOTH!
digitaldevil23 (4:00:56 PM): so, do you partake in your goods?
digitaldevil23 (4:01:08 PM): give your boys a pep snarlin'?
valiskeogh1 (4:01:25 PM): PFFTTTTTT, as a consummate business man, how can i guarantee quality for my customers if i dont sample my own merchandise?
digitaldevil23 (4:01:32 PM): LMFAO
valiskeogh1 (4:01:53 PM): it all bidness yo
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